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"The Book Clip"

Helps to keep your book open
and your hands free for other things

A Patented
. . . simple, portable, and workable device, "The Book Clip" is UNBREAKABLE, made of durable, transparent plastic. This ingenious device works well with paperback and hard cover books, and magazines too.

It clips the pages of your book (either on the top right hand side or bottom left hand side) with the long narrow see through part extending across the middle to the opposite side to keep your book open.

Why Use "The Book Clip"?
If you have been distracted by those "self-flipping pages" while reading, then you need "The Book Clip". It helps to keep your book open and your hands free for other things. It is good for paperback and hardcover books, not forgetting magazines. What's more, "The Book Clip" is also a bookmark!

And if you ever need a gift or thinking of sending one, "The Book Clip" will be just the perfect product for you because it makes a great, inexpensive, unique and lovely gift!

Stand the Book up
Lay the Book Flat

Clip the Book at the bottom
The TAPER makes it work, it provides the clipping of the pages.
See the picture of the "End View" below.

Some great uses of "The Book Clip"

  • Handy for nursing mothers who like to read.
  • A nice gift for a bedridden friend or relative.
  • Use it in School or the Library for those research projects where you have to keep several books open.
  • Use it in your office to keep your computer/reference manuals open.
  • Use it in your shop to keep the reference manual open to the page you need so you can concentrate on what you're doing.
  • This is a great Christmas stocking stuffer for you.
  • It's great for reading in bed, at home or in the hospital.
  • It's great in your kitchen for keeping Cookbooks open to the recipe you need without losing your place.
  • It's great for reading while you're eating.
  • It's great on trips ( train, airplane, boat, car . . .).
  • Use it in your Hotel room.
  • When you need a small gift for the Office Christmas party or your Company Anniversary.
  • Use it with your exercise machine.
  • Use it in your home or on the beach.
  • Send it as a gift to someone who loves to read.
  • Useful and perfect for Christmas, birthday or hospital gift too.
  • . . . and much more!

How to Use "The Book Clip"

As shown in the picture below, open the book and then clip approximately 30 pages either at top right hand side or bottom left hand side and let the long narrow part extend across the middle (spine) to the opposite side. It is easiest to clip the pages along the side rather than the top, and then slide the Book Clip up and around the top.

To turn the page, just slide the Book Clip up until the page is free to turn. The back part is longer than the front. Don't take the back part right out. Reinsert the Book Clip by sliding the long narrow part down first.

To use it as a BOOKMARK, just clip the pages on the side. Clip more pages for a better grip.

With just a little practice, the page turning becomes automatic and does not interfere at all with your reading.

How To Use

1- Clip Side
2- Slide around corner
3- Slide to other side

Front & Side View
Front View (6" long)
End View

Use as a BookMark
To use as a BookMark, clip the side

How much does it cost . . .
You pay US$6.50 for 1 "The Book Clip". (Item/Prod. No. 10040)
If you need 2 "The Book Clip", it's US$11.00 and not US$13.00. A US$2.00 savings. Buy 3 "The Book Clip" at just US$15.00 (and not US$19.50) for your Office Christmas Party or even as a Christmas Stocking Stuffer! (Item/Prod. No. 10042)
Shipping is FREE to all countries.

There are 2 ways for you to order. You can order by credit card or just click on the "Order Form" below if you don't feel secure paying online. You might also want to check here for other options of payment.

Thanks for visiting.

P.S. This is a new invention. We are always on the lookout for new ideas and items which will benefit you. Don't wait, send in your order now and reward yourself with this unique, new, creative invention.

P.P.S Don't want to order for yourself? Remember some of "The Book Clip" uses mentioned above? It will provide enjoyable and more pleasure to reading for your friends and relatives too. Why not send your friends and relatives "The Book Clip", send it as a gift.

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